• Germany was the first country to publish its findings from the BS survey through the country coordinators (Marina Weckend, see below) Masters thesis.
  • Talk about B3 on the Midwifery Conference (“Hebammenkongress”) of the German Midwives Society (DHV) in May 2016.

Country Coordinator

Marina Weckend

Marina Weckend

Marina Weckend is a midwife (RM, MSc) and currently works as a research assistant at the Midwifery Research and Education Unit at Hannover Medical School in Germany. She also practices as a freelance midwife and runs a midwifery service in a refugee camp in Celle, Germany. Marina completed her midwifery training in 2010 with a German state exam and then worked as a midwife at Bart’s Health in London, UK. She graduated at University of Central Lancashire, UK with an MSc in Midwifery and Women’s Health in 2015. Marina is a member of the COST Action IS1405 ( in workgroup III, exploring socio-cultural perspectives of chidlbirth across Europe. Her current research covers various areas including maternity care for marginalised populations, de-medicalisation of childbirth, prevention of preterm birth and human rights and choice in childbirth. She is a member of the Babies Born Better steering committee and National Coordinator for Germany.

Country Members

Dr. Mechthild Gross