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Mette Juhl –

Mette Juhl is a midwife and an epidemiologist. She has Master- and PhD-degrees in Public Health, and works as associate professor at the Midwifery Programme, University College Copenhagen, mainly with research activities and supervision. Mette has worked as a reproductive & perinatal health researcher for many years, particularly on large birth cohorts (e.g. The Danish National Birth Cohort) and national register data (e.g. published the first birth statistics report in June 2020 from the Midwifery Programme’s dataset on all DK births 1997-2017, MIPAC (Medicalisation in Pregnancy and Childbirth)). Mette’s current activities focus on evidence behind guidelines and routines in maternity care, medicalisation, communication of scientific knowledge, inequality in reproductive health and in access to services, pregnancy interventions for vulnerable groups, and migrant health.


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Eva Rydahl –

Eva Rydahl is a midwife, cand.scient.san. and PhD and employed as an associate professor at the Midwifery Programme, University College Copenhagen. Eva defended her PhD in May 2020, focusing on the medicalisation of pregnancy and childbirth. Eva based her PhD on the Midwifery Programme’s MIPAC-dataset (Medicalisation in Pregnancy and Childbirth), including substantial data cleaning work. She published the first MIPAC birth statistics report in June 2020. She has also published several articles on the use of misoprostol and initiations. Eva is the Danish representative in the COST action 18211 Management Committee.


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