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Hungarian event March 2017

27-28th March, one of the dreams of EMMA Hub came true with the help of the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung Buro Budapest, when the representatives of NGOs fighting for birth rights as well as a women-centered maternity care in the Visegrad countries met in Budapest to share their experiences and to identify strategic areas where they could jointly act.

On Monday, we had a session of presentations on the situation of maternity care in the Visegrad-region followed by an open public forum with progressive Hungarian health professionals. We also discussed the Hungarian results of the Babies Born Better Survey. On Tuesday, we held a workshop for NGOs and activists.

Photoes of the event:

Hétfőn és kedden a Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung Budapest / Eszter Kováts támogatásával sokéves álmunk vált valóra azzal,…

Posted by EMMA Egyesület on Thursday, 30 March 2017

Country Coordinator

SchErikaErika Schmidt

Erika Schmidt, M.A. Educator and lecturer, activist, member and colleague of BirthHouse Association Hungary since 2012. Her background is in theoretical linguistics, she worked as a lecturer and academic researcher at the Hungarian catholic university. The (home)births of her three kids led her to birth activism.
She joined the Association in 2012 as a volunteer. For a start, she was ultimately responsible for international and academic relations. Since 2014, she has been directing the “Birthing Justice” project of the Association, which focuses on childbearing women living in extreme poverty, mainly Roma women, and she has also been responsible for the internship programme of the Association. In 2015 she launched the “Transparency in maternity care” project of the Association which deals with public data issues in the Hungarian maternity care.In 2016 she has become the program manager of the Association.
She is deeply interested in birth justice, obstetric violence and birth trauma as well as the transparency of maternity care.

Country Members 

Robert Hudy

Martina Katalin Szabó