Country Coordinator


Dr. Giedrė Širvinskienė

Institution: Faculty of Public Health, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Tilzes str. 18, Kaunas LT-47181, Lithuania

Giedrė is an Associate Professor in Health Psychology Department and a Researcher in Health Research Institute, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. She defended her doctoral thesis “Infant emotional and behavioural problems and their predictive factors” and obtained a PhD in Biomedical Sciences (Public health) at Lithuanian University of Health Science. Her research fields are infant mental health, psychological wellbeing of women during pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum. She is also a practicing psychologist.


Team Member: Dr. Švitrigailė Grincevičienė

Švitrigailė is a Researcher at Vilnius University, specialist in obstetric/gynecology, director of Femicare.Lt. She defended her doctoral thesis “The aspects of counseling of pregnant and breastfeeding women about healthy lifestyle and rational use of medications in Lithuanian pharmacies” at Lithuanian University of Health Science. Her research fields are women health and wellbeing. She aims to include as much as possible a patient centered holistic approach into her clinical practice and research area.


Country Outputs


Interview with G. Širvinskienė and S. Downe about Babies Born Better study:

Interview with G. Širvinskienė, 2020:

Presentation in the Lithuanian psychology congress, 2019: Širvinskienė, Giedrė. Babies Born Better projekto pristatymas // Lietuvos psichologų kongresas „DIALOGAI“, 2019 m. gegužės 24-25 d.Vilniaus universitetas. Lietuvos psichologų sąjunga. 

Presentation in conference “Psychology science for health”: Širvinskienė, Giedrė. Tarptautinis Babies Born Better tyrimas: įžvalgos gimdymo priežiūros sistemos tobulinimui // Antroji kasmetinė konferencija „Psichologijos mokslas sveikatai“,  2019 05 23 / Lietuvos sveikatos mokslų universitetas. 

BBB survey coordinator in Lithuania Giedre Sirvinskiene together with colleagues had a presentation in a national scientific conference of psychologist this autumn about BBB results “Women Experience with Lithuanian Childbirth Care: Despite High Competence, Empowerment is Still Lacking”. They have found that the positive experience of childbirth care was mainly related with high competence of carer and negative experience was related with the lack of empowerment. The study participants in Lithuania expressed the need of more empowerment in childbirth care