October 2021

Please find a link to a paper written by Mário Santos which discusses the analytical strategy used in Portugal for the national Babies Born Better dataset, and how it avoids a complete conversion of qualitative into quantitative data of the survey: Social Sciences | Free Full-Text | A Manifest against the Homogenisation of Childbirth Experiences: Preserving Subjectiveness in a Large Dataset of the «Babies Born Better» Survey (mdpi.com)

A componente qualitativa do inquérito Babies Born Better: Análise preliminar às respostas portuguesas com recurso ao MaxQDA

Article published on Publico.pt:

Mulheres queixam-se da desumanização dos cuidados durante o parto

Country Coordinator

foto_mMario Santos mariojdssantos@gmail.com

Mário J.D.S. Santos is a research assistant at the Instituto Universitário de Lisboa (ISCTE-IUL), in Lisbon, Portugal. He has nursing degree (2007), a MSc in health, medicine and society (2012) and a post-graduation in data analysis for the social sciences (2016). He is currently a PhD candidate in sociology, in the same university, and his research is focused on the networking and professionalisation processes of home birth professional actors in Portugal.

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