South Africa


Country Coordinator

Karin Minnie Foto (1)Karin Minnie

Prof Karin Minnie is the director of INSINQ Research Focus Area at the North-West University in Potchefstroom, South Africa. Her research programme is on promoting continuous support and kindness and compassion during childbirth. Karin also has an interest in implementation science and knowledge translation. With regard to international projects, she was part of the curriculum development as well as the presentation team of the CHEMNA project which assisted Eastern Africa universities to start Masters programmes. Karin was a co-investigator in the CSR funded Teasdale Corti project “Strengthening nurses’ capacity to influence policy’. She also served on the management committee of COST Action IS0907 Creating a dynamic EU framework for optimal maternity care and lead Working Group 5 of the COST action that specifically focuses on knowledge translation.