So far there have been 2 versions of the Babies Born Better survey – click on the following links to find out how well the survey was responsed to each time.

Findings for Version 1

Findings for Version 2




Women’s satisfaction with care at the birthplace in Austria: Evaluation of the Babies Born Better survey national dataset. Luegmair K, Zenzmaier C, Oblasser C, König-Bachmann M. Midwifery. 2018 Apr;59:130-140. DOI:

Welcher Geburtsort entspricht den Wünschen und Bedürfnissen von Frauen? Entwicklung eines Kategoriensystems zur Auswertung der österreichischen Daten des Babies Born Better Projekts. Luegmair K. 2016. Masterthesis.




Raboteg-Šarić Z, Brajša-Žganec A, Mujkić A. Optimising childbirth in Croatia – mothers’ perceptions of the best experience and their suggestions for change. Central European Journal of Paediatrics. 2017;13(2):117-129.





Cyprus analysis presentation




Germany was the first country to publish its findings from the BS survey through the country coordinators Masters thesis.

Talk about B3 on the Midwifery Conference (“Hebammenkongress”) of the German Midwives Society (DHV) in May 2016.

Poster Presentation on a DGHWi conference (German Society of Midwifery Science) in Fulda in February : B3 Poster in German (February 2016)






Results from the Hungary version 1 survey: Hungary Data Trends




Elena SKOKO , Claudia RAVALDI , Alfredo VANNACCI  Antonella NESPOLI , Naseerah AKOOJI,  Marie-Clare BALAAM , Alessandra BATTISTI , Michela CERICCO , Laura IANNUZZI , Sandra MORANO , Soo DOWNE  Findings from the Italian Babies Born Better Survey Minerva Ginecologica 2018 December;70(6):663-75DOI: 10.23736/S0026-4784.18.04296-X

Press release for article (in Italian)

Mamme in sala parto (E. Skoko): “Lamentano mancanza di umanità”




Interview with G. Širvinskienė and S. Downe about Babies Born Better study:

Interview with G. Širvinskienė, 2020:

Presentation in the Lithuanian psychology congress, 2019: Širvinskienė, Giedrė. Babies Born Better projekto pristatymas // Lietuvos psichologų kongresas „DIALOGAI“, 2019 m. gegužės 24-25 d.Vilniaus universitetas. Lietuvos psichologų sąjunga. 

Presentation in conference “Psychology science for health”: Širvinskienė, Giedrė. Tarptautinis Babies Born Better tyrimas: įžvalgos gimdymo priežiūros sistemos tobulinimui // Antroji kasmetinė konferencija „Psichologijos mokslas sveikatai“,  2019 05 23 / Lietuvos sveikatos mokslų universitetas. 

BBB survey coordinator in Lithuania Giedre Sirvinskiene together with colleagues had a presentation in a national scientific conference of psychologist this autumn about BBB results “Women Experience with Lithuanian Childbirth Care: Despite High Competence, Empowerment is Still Lacking”. They have found that the positive experience of childbirth care was mainly related with high competence of carer and negative experience was related with the lack of empowerment. The study participants in Lithuania expressed the need of more empowerment in childbirth care




Two midwifery students from AVAG in Amsterdam, Rofayda Tagmount and Maria Villamarin, won the prize for the best presentation at the From Birth to Health: Towards Sustainable Childbirth COST Action BIRTH Conference held in Lisbon Sept 17-18, 2018 for their presentation Mothers’ views about care provided during childbirth in the Netherlands: aspects of care valued most and suggestions for improvement.




What matters to women who have given birth in Norway: findings from the Babies Born Better Survey.




A componente qualitativa do inquérito Babies Born Better: Análise preliminar às respostas portuguesas com recurso ao MaxQDA

Mulheres queixam-se da desumanização dos cuidados durante o parto




Presentation of Romania analysis during meeting organized by the SAMAS NGO, in Bucharest, Romania:

Experiențele mamelor în timpul nașterii




Zdechovanová, B. (2018). What Do Women Consider Best in Their Obstetric Care? [Master Thesis]. Paneuropean university, Bratislava, SK.

Húsková, M. (2019). How Do Women Describe Birth Care in Hospitals? [Master Thesis]. Paneuropean university, Bratislava, SK.




Marta Benet  Ramon Escuriet  Laura Palomar‐Ruiz  Dolores Ruiz‐Berdún  Fatima Leon‐Larios Women’s agenda for the improvement of childbirth care: Evaluation of the Babies Born Better survey data set in Spain BIRTH
First published: 27 September 2020

Experiencias de mujeres con el cuidado recibido durante su maternidad: BABIES BORN BETTER. XXI encuentro internacional de investigación en cuidados. Madrid, 14-17 de noviembre de 2017.

Women´s experiences of maternity care in Spain. 31st ICM Triennial Congress Toronto 2017. Midwives making a difference in the world. Toronto, 19-22 de junio de 2017.

Experiencias de las mujeres en España con los servicio [PDF]

Experiencias de mujeres con el cuidado durante su maternidad. [PDF]




Recent analysis of the existing data (2014- 2015) in all languages by Ms. Stefanie Ingold (FHNW) for her Bachelor’s thesis.

Please click this link to view Stefanie Ingold’s thesis.


United Kingdom


Summary from presentation at Human Rights in Childbirth conference Zagreb 2015

Marie-Clare Balaam Babies Born Better Survey: An opportunity for cross country analysis of childbirth practice.