October 2021

Please see the following link to a website providing more information on the new paper that the Norway team have written: Fødende kvinner vil ha ekte og personlig omsorg (

October 2021

Please find a link to a paper written by Mário Santos which discusses the analytical strategy used in Portugal for the national Babies Born Better dataset, and how it avoids a complete conversion of qualitative into quantitative data of the survey: Social Sciences | Free Full-Text | A Manifest against the Homogenisation of Childbirth Experiences: Preserving Subjectiveness in a Large Dataset of the «Babies Born Better» Survey (

October 2021

Please see a link to a new publication out now in Norway using data collected from the Babies Born Better survey:

September 2021

See below for the number of responses by country women birthed in. Women from 79 countries so far have filled in the survey! Head to the home page to take part in the survey and have your say.

Austria120India4Republic of Moldova2
Bangladesh2Iran1Russian Federation330
Belarus9Ireland76San Marino1
Belgium434Israel12Saudi Arabia50
Bosnia and Herzegovina6Italy302Serbia3
China52Kenya1South Africa5
Costa Rica2Lebanon1Sweden577
Côte d’Ivoire4Lithuania638Switzerland52
Croatia532Luxembourg7Trinidad and Tobago1
Czech Republic31Malta23Ukraine12
Denmark433Mauritania1United Arab Emirates6
El Salvador1Montenegro2U.S.A.108
Finland74New Zealand10
As of 12th of October 2021

July 2021

Amsterdam Universitair Medische Centra is currently using the data collected through your surveys to write a paper on childbirth during the Covid-19 pandemic. In this paper they compare the childbirth experiences of women who gave birth during Covid-19 and gave birth before Covid-19 in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. More information to follow.

July 2021

The Babies Born Better survey has been extended to July 2021, more chance for you to share your experiences with us. Head to the home page to take part in the survey.

June 2020

Version 3 of the Babies Born Better Survey is now live!

Click here to go to the survey portal!