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By coming to this page you have indicated that you are interested in leaving your email to be contacted as part of future research related to women’s labour and birth experiences.


We are a group of healthcare researchers working on a large research project called Babies Born Better (B3) ( The survey was started as part of an EU funded project. It is now managed by the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) in the UK, supported by a steering group of people from a range of different countries.

To leave your email follow the link below. By leaving your email you are agreeing to be contacted by us about future research. This could include research conducted by the B3 team at UCLan, or related research conducted by our partners. This does not mean you are obligated to take part in future research, and you will be given more detail on any prospective research when we contact you and you can decide then if you want to be involved.

Privacy and confidentiality are very important to us. If you choose to leave your email we will store this securely. Your email address will only be used for use to contact you about possible research. If we contact you and you do not want to be involved you do not have to and we will withdraw/remove your address from our mailing list at any time if you wish us to do so.

Your email address will not be shared with anyone outside of UCLan. If we contact you about research conducted by our partners, we will invite you to get in touch with them directly, but they will not have access to your data unless you do so.

For more information about how the University uses and protects your data (including your rights and our contact details) please see the Data Protection pages on our website (

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